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The Self Protection Club


  • Just look around

    Hit Them Hard Hit Them Hard

    images pepper

    If you are in the habit of looking at your phone as you walk through parking lots you have a much higher chance of being the victim of a violent crime.  This is a solid fact.  With one change you can dramatically reduce the chances that you will be taken by surprise and be blind sided by an attacker. This is a really big deal because you just never know what type of bad guy that you will come across.  The levels range from an aggressive muscle head who wants to look tough in front of his group of friends, an addict who wants your money and will use violence to take it from you, all the way up to a serial killer or serial rapist who are deadly serious and come equipped with a sinister plan of action to use against you.  What these three ( there are more ) types of violent attackers have in common is that they would rather victimize a person who appears to be more submissive ( be more confident ), less attentive ( just look around ), and just generally less aware of their surroundings and more easily dealt with.  A freak killer Grizzly bear does not want to tangle with another Grizzly bear, it would rather assault a less confident and capable animal and its' the same with violent people.  At www.theselfprotectionclub.com we sell  Pepper Spray and many other items so that you can have an advantage over a violent person.  Check us out at www.theselfprotectionclub.com and remember to just look around everywhere that you are.  Have a good day.  http://http://www.theselfprotectionclub.com/

  • Everywhere, Anywhere, Always, and Every time carry some type of a weapon to Protect yourself with.

    You've heard it before many times and you may be so accustomed to hearing it that it doesn't even seem like a real statement.  The saying that I'm talking about is " It can happen anywhere at anytime ". The " It " that I'm talking about is an assault and just like the saying goes " It CAN HAPPEN, ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME ".  Crazy lives everywhere and has no boundaries so based on that we know that we must be ready to do something if we encounter it.  There are different levels of threats that we face, they can range from an aggressive bully in the workplace to a serial killer/Rapist that you had the bad fortune to encounter.  This is no exaggeration as far as encountering a killer.  From 1992 through 1999 I was employed as a township Police officer and I worked at a Giant Eagle grocery store as night security, protecting the store from robbery and theft.  I worked this side detail for 6 yrs and came to know all of the store employees as well as the floor cleaning crew, of which George Foster was a member of.  George was 33 yrs old and he was a strange guy.  He always looked at every female that came into the store with a " checking them out " type of view.  It was not at the level to where I, as a Police officer would have to tell him that it was a problem, but it was a constant looking at every women who entered the store and it was enough that I noticed it.  This went on for years and I talked to George the same way that I talked to all of the other employees, normal conversations about weather, events, or anything else.  Then in May of 1999 I looked at the Tribune Chronicle ( Warren, Ohio newspaper ) and on the front page it was George Foster who had been arrested for the Aggravated Murder, Rape, and Kidnapping of 10 yr old Bridget Wetzel ( Rest in Peace ).  The events and details are bad and if you want to read the details you can Google Bridget Wetzel Trumbull County Ohio murder 1999 George Foster.  It will come up and you can read the sad details. BUT, my point of telling you the George Foster story is this; I talked to that idiot for 5 years not expecting that he would eventually kill and rape a 10 yr old girl.  Honestly, if I could have told the future and I knew what he was going to eventually do I would have ended his miserable life so that the poor little girl would not have had to have gone through that rape, torture, and killing like she did.  I should not say what I just did but I've thought about it over the years and It's how I feel.  I've titled this blog post " Anywhere, Everywhere, always, and every time " because there are many evil and broken people out there just like George Foster and they are capable of doing sick, depraved, and violent things to you, me, or our families.  We MUST be capable of protecting ourselves and our families " Anywhere, Everywhere, Always, and at Any Time ".  Use things like blunt objects, sharp objects, Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, or any thing that you can use as an advantage for yourself. Choose, use, and train with a weapon that you feel good with and be open to picking up other weapons throughout the assault.  Anything that " works " works.  We offer Pepper Sprays, Stun Guns, Impact Weapons, and many other great items that can help you to survive an assault.  Check us out at www.theselfprotectionclub.com

  • What is a Kubotan and how can it help ?

    What is a What ??? A Kubotan is a 5 1/2 " cylindrical piece of metal or hardened plastic with either a flat or rounded tip at the end.  It is used to hit an attacker in the ribs, neck, head, groin, or really just about anywhere, although the soft spots like the ribs and neck are ideal.  Sticks small and large like this have been used by years by the Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures as a self protection tool.   In 1978 A martial arts Master and Defensive Tactics consultant to the Los Angeles Police Dept.  named Takayuki Kubota registered  a patent for the Kubotan and the Los Angeles Police Dept. became the proving ground for this effective weapon and it worked very well.  You carry the Kubotan on your key chain and usually it goes unseen, but there is no reason to keep it hidden.  If a bad guy can see that you are carrying an impact weapon that may be the thing that makes him decide to look for a different, easier victim.  I can testify to the


    power of the Kubotan from personal experience as a Police Officer.  There were several times that using a Kubotan on a violent and angry person who was actively fighting and resisting an arrest caused them stop the resisting and give in so that the pain being caused by the Kubotan would just stop.  I would not want to be on the other end of a Kubotan being jammed into my ribs with force and knowing what type of pain this thing deals out with just a little bit of prodding into the ribs I would actually be worried about hitting somebody really hard with one of these great Self Protection tools.  But, I would definitely do it if I needed to do it, and you should also.  REMEMBER THIS IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE - If you are ever attacked violently by another person then your attacker has already broken the social code of not being a serious and deadly threat to another person and you have no obligation to them as far as being concerned with their safety / well being.  Since you do not know their intent ( are they trying to kidnap / murder / rob / rape / ??? you ? ) you must assume that the threat is at the highest level and respond as if your life is in immediate danger.  Don't feel bad because you used your Kubotan , a heavy frying pan, a rock, Pepper Spray , or anything you can use to injure / disable and just plain " hurt them as bad as you can so that you can escape ".  Kubotans are great impact weapons !!!  They hurt where you hit' em.  Not great English but I am sure that you know what I mean.  Tune in Friday for more insights, tips, and tactics for Self Protection.  Thanks for following our blog and be safe out there, it's a concrete jungle.

  • Why I Love Me Some Pepper Shot Pepper Spray

    It might seem like I love Pepper Spray, and that s'  because I do love Pepper Spray.  I'll say it again, I love the stuff.  Lets say that you are out walking your dog through your neighborhood and then, suddenly, your dog is being viciously attacked and bitten by a much larger and more fierce dog.  What are you going to do ??? This situation happens everyday somewhere in America, What if it happens to you ??? Some people plan for the possibility of this happening to them and carry Pepper Spray or walking sticks while other dog walkers are oblivious to the real and deadly potential of a dog attack.  Any of our line of Pepper Spray products used decisively would effectively and immediately stop the aggressive dog from continuing the attack on your dog.  These Pepper Spray products will work on anything with eyes and lungs, that includes aggressive and violent people.  Not only can Pepper Spray and our other Personal Protection tools end a violent encounter quickly and save you from more serious injury or death but they can save you in the long run also.  Some men may have a mindset that, as a man, we should beat the bad guy with our fists and win a mans victory.  That is totally, 100% dumb.  I do not want to be hurt or injured at all, ever.  I have 100% confidence in my ability to deal with any attack with or w/out a weapon but my choice is to always have a weapon on me and use it.  Here is one reason, maybe the best reason, to use weapons and end an encounter quickly so that you can escape is if I were to blast an attacker right in the face with a hand strike there is a good possibility that I will get blood and bodily fluids on me.  In today s' world with AIDS , Hepatitis , and other diseases that transfer thru blood, bodily fluids and physical contact, it makes great sense to avoid contact with another persons body fluids. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  You can check out all of our products at http://www.theselfprotectionclub.com/ and remember to never, ever, fight fair.

    images pepper

  • 4 oz Pepper Spray Fogger at work.

    I have a friend of mine that I sold a 4 oz Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Fogger to and he told me an interesting story of how his girlfriend used it.  Dan bought the Pepper Spray and gave it to his girlfriend because she works nights in an ITAM ( Italian American Club Bar ) and he wanted her to have a way to protect herself.  It's fortunate that Dan bought the Pepper Spray for his girlfriend because less than two weeks after he gave it to her she had to use it on two people at her workplace.  Here is how it went down.  His girlfriend goes to work as usual and the night is going by when two men start fighting in the bar.  She runs outside of the bar to get people to help her inside and then as she is entering into the building one of the men fighting hits her hard in the face.  Dan said that she pulled out the Pepper Spray and blasted them both with it and that ended the fight - and everyone s' night out at the ITAM.  Here is what can be taken from this story, when she went to work that night she did not expect that she would be punched in the face.  If she did she just would not have went to work.  My point is that violence can happen anywhere at anytime and especially when we least expect it, and it can hurt, maim, cripple, or kill you.  All bad and all things that we must take seriously.  A good take on this is that she acted decisively with force to protect herself.  Without the 4 oz Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Fogger  she would have had a difficult time protecting herself.  She probably could not have done it against two violent men.  Whether it is Pepper Spray, a 15 million volt Stun Gun or a rock be ready to use it as a weapon to protect yourself with.  Be safe and thanks for reading our blog.

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